You already do your business, let your website help you do more. Control your online presence with your piece of the Internet and saving the expense of a web designer at the same time. You can create and use your new website and email in less than an hour and protect your rights to “” or whatever your next big idea is at the same time! Simple websites with pages and posts, advanced sites with as many features and space as you could imagine. All with simple a la carte pricing.

Are you looking for a local website company, with someone that can help you get your company online? Do you have a website, but you’re not sure where it is or what it does for your company?  We can help! Send an email to or call/text at 517-769-4745.

Our soft opening is April 22, 2024 with a grand opening to be announced once we have solidified our product offerings. To begin, we will offer domain sales and renewals, free basic websites as well as advanced website options with access to more plugins for your website and access to more storage space, your own domain name, email addresses and more.


Our featured product is now ready for release! Sign up here to become the administrator of a subdomain website running WordPress&tm;, the software that is now running 22% of all websites on the Internet. A basic subdomain website is currently being offered free of charge, forever* (if you signup while the offer lasts!) a $5/mo value.

Always remember, websites are a bit like that one brand of potato chip, one is just never enough. As part of the limited time offer, there is no limit to the number of free sites you can add to your account!

Also coming soon you will be able to sign up for other cloud server based products such as secure email accounts for $5 per month (up to entire email servers for $125 per month,) $5/mo ssh accounts, $5/mo domain mapping, $5/mo access to enhanced plugins per site, content creation, theme design, and website consulting services also available!

Call 517-769-4745 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursay & Friday 9am – 5pm) if you have any questions, or sign up now for a free subdomain website and use your account features to upgrade yourself when you’re ready or use our support features.