There is always an app for that, we know this. But where is it and where should it be?

Most email and ‘web’ (website,) servers (types of ‘app’-lications,)  are hosted out on the Internet somewhere (aka, the Cloud.) Some servers are located in homes and offices. Some apps are website intended for the public, like this one. Other applications, such as a remote backup repository, are well protected with much more restrictive access.

There are file sharing apps, media server apps, firewall apps, GTD apps, time clock apps… think of just about anything you’ve ever seen a computer do, yeah, there is an app for that.

Is it on your phone? If you have no bars and no connection, does it still work? Where is the data for your app?

If the data is in the cloud already, so should the app! You don’t need to configure your phone/watch/laptop/desktop apps to share data with each other, just use them all to connect to the same web app!